Who’s being overrated by the polls?

South Carolina’s victory over former No.1, Alabama, this past weekend has led to a shake-up in the polls. But the Gamecocks were not the only ones to take a big climb in the new rankings. Wins by Michigan State and Florida State also sent their stock rising. But which teams are being overrated by the latest rankings?

No.16 Florida State – Certainly an impressive win over Miami last weekend. But these are the same Seminoles that were beaten by Oklahoma 47-14 in Week 2. After a loss like that, it’s going to take a few more quality wins to convince me that they’re for real. They deserve to be ranked but 16th is too high.

No.13 Michigan State – Sparty shut down Michigan, but really, how good are the Wolverines? Michigan State has won all of their notable games, but they have all been close—and it even took overtime and a bag of tricks to beat Notre Dame. Is Michigan State really among the nation’s elite? The Spartans are one of two lucky Big Ten teams who do not have to face Ohio State this year. But Week 9 at Iowa should offer a good measuring stick.

No.4 TCU – The Horned Frogs are 6-0 and have a nine-point win over Oregon State as their only quality win. They have been beating teams badly, but is that enough to warrant the No. 4 spot in the country over Nebraska, Oklahoma and Auburn?  Games against No. 23 Air Force and No. 11 Utah could go a long way in determining that.

No.3 Boise State – The impressive win over Virginia Tech doesn’t look so impressive anymore. The Broncos do have a 13-point win over Oregon State. But as with TCU, is that worth a top-three spot in the land? No. 19 Nevada in Week 11 is Boise’s true remaining test.

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