View from Above

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to cover the Ohio vs. Ohio State football game from the press box at Ohio Stadium for my internship with College Sports Feed.

Being from Columbus, I had been to many games in Ohio Stadium, but none like this.

The experience was surreal. The view from the press box above a sea of 105,000 fans was awesome.

Although I was there to do a job in a professional manner, I felt like a child on Christmas morning. I just tried to take it all in.

The press box at Peden Stadium is nice, but it does not compare to the one in Columbus.

During my time in the box, I ran into more than a few local celebrities including former governor George Voinovich, former Ohio State coach Earl Bruce and current Athletic Director Gene Smith.

During the fourth quarter, we were able to go down onto the field and stand with the team.

The field view allowed me to take in many sights and sounds that I would not have seen or heard from the press box.

From the field we could hear the quarterback yelling out his cadence as well as head coach Frank Solich yelling at his offensive lineman after a costly penalty.

It was a different perspective that allowed me as a journalist, to provide the reader with a more complete story.

It was an invaluable experience that I won’t soon forget.

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